Brics And Beyond. Lessons On Emerging Markets

Brics And Beyond. Lessons On Emerging Markets
  • Brics And Beyond. Lessons On Emerging Markets

Brics And Beyond. Lessons On Emerging Markets

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BRICs and Beyond is an international business executive text written especially for executive and MBA students


. Extracted from the Foreword, by Professor Wim Naud , Director of Research, Maastricht School of Management

In the process of preparing cases nearer to the emerging market she worked in, the author realized that the often fascinating, frequently insightful and always different approach to business illustrated by these cases should be required reading for MBA students in typical Western environments too

It is based on extensive consulting in emerging economies and several years of experience teaching executive MBA courses around the globe

Stephanie Jones advises Western businesses on doing business in emerging economies in a refreshingly straightforward manner, integrating in a novel way her three decades of global, practical experience with the daily barrage of reporting on the BRICs distilling from these many lessons and principles

The author has continually faced the problem that the available textbooks for teaching international business focused almost exclusively on examples of Western multinationals for case illustrations

With its wide range of current case illustrations and concise summaries this is a new-generation text that will welcome today's MBA student to the wider world of 21st century international business

This book is needed not only because it looks at business from the BRICs points of view it also looks at business from the point of view of tomorrow's business leaders and the challenges that they will have to cope with. Professor Jonathan Gosling, Centre for Leadership Studies, and co-founder, The One-Planet MBA, the University of Exeter, UK