Exposing Fraud. Skills, Process And Practicalities

Exposing Fraud. Skills, Process And Practicalities
  • Exposing Fraud. Skills, Process And Practicalities

Exposing Fraud. Skills, Process And Practicalities

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Foreword by James D


As technologies and fraud techniques become more complex, fraud investigation must increase in complexity as well

Ensure an optimal outcome to fraud investigations by mastering real-world skills, from interviewing and handling evidence to conducting criminal proceedings

From the simple to the complex, this book demonstrates the most effective application of anti-fraud techniques.

However, this does not mean that time-tested strategies for detecting criminals have become obsolete

Instead, it means that a hands-on approach to fraud detection and management is needed more than ever

Ratley, CFE, President and CEO, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Beyond the basics tools for applied fraud management In Exposing Fraud Skills, Process, and Practicalities, anti-fraud expert Ian Ross provides both ideas and practical guidelines for applying sound techniques for fraud investigation and detection and related project management

The book does just that Takes a unique practical approach to the business of detecting, understanding, and dealing with fraud of all types Aids in the development of key skills, including conducting investigations and managing fraud risk Covers issues related to ethically and efficiently handling impulsive and systemic fraud, plus investigating criminals who may be running multiple scams Addresses fraud from a global perspective, considering cultural and psychological factors that influence fraudsters Unlike other fraud investigation books on the market, Exposing Fraud develops the ethical and legal foundation required to apply theory and advice in real-world settings

The investigative principles in this book are truly universal and can be applied anywhere in the world to deal with any of the range of fraud types prevalent in today's business environments

Topics covered include cyber fraud, the psychology of fraud, data analysis techniques, and the role of corporate and international culture in criminal behavior, among many others

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